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Some things are just too simple.

Pick-pocketing is amateur work, but you see a fat wallet in a shallow pocket, sometimes you just can't pass that up.

If that wallet just so happens to hold a keycard that promises access to several closed rooms at the Waldorf, where a pre-show banquet is going to be held, you just can't leave that untouched.

And, if that pre-show banquet happens to be for the special unveiling of MoMA's latest acquisition -- a Piet Mondrian piece just small enough to slip into a briefcase -- well, there's only one expression suitable for that.

Like taking candy from a baby.

Neal slips into the party effortlessly, blending in well with the socialites and elitists. He's wearing his patented charming grin, and an expensive, well-tailored suit. He'll rub elbows for a while, sip at a drink, and then start working his way around the room.

Date: 2010-06-18 10:24 pm (UTC)
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There is a shorter man behind him, fixing to walk up to beside him. Likely the only person there that could move as smoothly, but anyone looking wouldn't guess it.

"Here for the free canapés, the free Moët & Chandon, or fish eggs on crackers? Or simply window shopping?"

Asks the guy beside him.


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