mm_gabby: (Neal and his art)
2010-06-18 06:14 pm

For Alicia -- Neal, White Collar, party type place

Some things are just too simple.

Pick-pocketing is amateur work, but you see a fat wallet in a shallow pocket, sometimes you just can't pass that up.

If that wallet just so happens to hold a keycard that promises access to several closed rooms at the Waldorf, where a pre-show banquet is going to be held, you just can't leave that untouched.

And, if that pre-show banquet happens to be for the special unveiling of MoMA's latest acquisition -- a Piet Mondrian piece just small enough to slip into a briefcase -- well, there's only one expression suitable for that.

Like taking candy from a baby.

Neal slips into the party effortlessly, blending in well with the socialites and elitists. He's wearing his patented charming grin, and an expensive, well-tailored suit. He'll rub elbows for a while, sip at a drink, and then start working his way around the room.